DREAMS DANCE is directed by Jessica McVay. Jessica is a teacher and choreographer for high school dance and drill teams, professional dance companies and private studios. Jessica was a principal dancer for Alabama Contemporary Dance in Mobile, AL and currently performs with Matter Dance Chicago and Street Tempo Theatre. Additionally, Jessica has filmed commercials with The Second City Chicago. Ms. McVay received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Western Illinois University in Arts Administration and Dance where she studied and performed with internationally known dance artists. She is certified in Hatha Yoga, first degree Reiki and has been active with White Mountain Summer Dance Festival, American College Dance Festival and the National Dance Education Organization.

Tiny Toes

Tiny toes is specifically designed for two-year-old students. Students will learn to follow direction while learning games and exercises that develop their fine and gross motor movement through a base in ballet vocabulary. The class includes 15 minutes of group dance exercise without adult guardians, and 15 minutes of adult guardian monitored individual attention with an instructor. Please be prepared for adult guardian participation. RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Any colored leotard with or without an attached skirt, pink ballet tights, and pink ballet slippers. Please pull back long hair and no loose jewelry or large tutus.

Creative Movement

Creative movement students will learn basic vocabulary in both ballet and tap. These basic terms and movement vocabularies develop fine and gross motor movement while increasing a child’s ability to follow direction. Games and activities are included for the development of personal creativity while aiding the memorization of basic dance terms and movement.

Ballet / Tap / Jazz Combination

This is a one hour split dance class that offers 20 minutes of each dance genre to sat as a bridge from creative movement into all level I dance classes. Students will be introduced to a traditional ballet class structure where students will study barre, center and across the floor ballet vocabulary. During the tap portion students will develop new tap skills that build time, rhythm and basic tap sequences. In the jazz portion students focus on body isolation, flexibility and movement sequences.


Ballet will develop healthy dance habits and a strong dance foundation for students. At Dreams, dancers learn fundamental ballet training from both Cecchetti and Vaganova techniques. Emphasis will be placed on alignment/anatomy, control, balance, agility, flexibility, musicality, breathing, artistry, tradition, strength through repetition, and movement sequencing. RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Girls – Black leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers. Long hair must be in a BUN, short hair pulled back (for turning). NO ponytails or loose jewelry. Boys – Plain white t-shirt with fitted black pants or shorts, and black ballet shoes. Please no loose jewelry.


Tap is a stylized form of dance that emphasizes rhythm and musically through intricate footwork. Students will focus on timing, syncopation, and balance while working together in creating rhythmic patterns. RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: comfortable fitted athletic clothing. Black tap shoes. Hair pulled away from the face. Please no loose jewelry.


Jazz dance is a stylized form of dance originating in America from the early twentieth century social dances and is heavily used on Broadway and throughout the professional dance industry. This class blends ballet and social dance vocabularies that emphasize body isolations, flexibility, strength, musical dynamics, and stunts. RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Girls – Any color leotard and black/pink/suntan tights with or without black jazz pants. Black jazz shoes. Hair completely pulled back. Please no loose jewelry. Boys – Fitted, solid color tank top or t-shirt and black athletic pants. Black jazz shoes. No loose jewelry.

Hip Hop / Poms

Hip Hop has become a large part of popular culture. Stemming from New York in the late 1970’s, hip hop & pop dancers have been innovating this dance genre to include complex body isolations, group formations, coordination, fast paced choreography and acrobatic stunts. RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Comfortable fitted athletic clothing. No shorts. Black jazz shoes for performance and clean street sneakers for class. Students 12+ may wear jazz sneakers and knee pads. Hair completely pulled back. Please no loose jewelry.

Modern / Lyrical / Contemporary

This three dance genres have been increasing in popularity because they fuse ballet, jazz, partnering and acrobatics into one type of dance quality. During class students will learn how to turn, leap, use the floor and develop movement skills that investigate off center body awareness. Dancers will develop skills that study body mechanics, develop upper/lower body strength, balance, flexibility, agility, knowledge of different body meters and elongating the body to create body lines. RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Girls – Fitted, solid color tank tops or t-shirt with black jazz/yoga pants. No Shorts. Hair must be completely pulled back. Must be barefoot. Please no loose jewelry. Boys – Fitted, solid color tank top or t-shirt with black athletic pants. Must be barefoot. No loose jewelry.


An advanced level in Ballet when women train with ballet pointe shoes. Emphasis is placed on detailed footwork that strengthens dancers’ ankles, metatarsals, and legs while stretching and increasing flexibility in the arches of the feet. Awareness of the body’s vertical axis increases with studying pointe. Students must be technically proficient in ballet and pass the Dreams Ballet Vocabulary Test. RECOMMENDED ATTIRE: Black leotards, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and pink pointe shoes with elastic and ribbons. Long hair must be in a bun, short hair pulled back (for turning). Please no ponytails or loose jewelry.